Portrait Perfect

Made by hand. Made from home. Made with heart.

Types of Portraits~


Single head portrait~

The perfect tribute to someone memorable. Infant Portraits make excellent Baby gifts, as well as portraits to honor a leader or loved one. Price- $40.00 + shipping. Size may vary

Multiple Head Portrait~ 

Portraits of Best friends, siblings, and families make great additions to any room! Why not try a hand drawn family portrait this year? Price- $15.00 per head for the first two, and $10.00 each additional head after that (up to 4 inches each)+ shipping. Prices may vary with size.

Collage Portrait~ 

Does your baby make the cutest expressions? Why not immortalize them for art in the nursery? Try a new kind of family history by having a collage of your grandparents throughout the many stages of life! This is sure to be a hit! Price- $40.00 + $5.00 for each additional head after 5 + shipping. (Price include heads up to 4 inches, furthermore, prices may vary with size of subjects.)

Poster Type~

These Portraits are complete with text, multiple items of your choice and even people. Think outside the impersonal gift card box, and imagine giving your ambitious graduate a poster of their senior picture with a diploma and class motto across the bottom! The creativity and possibilities are endless. Price- $50.00 + shipping.

Couples Portraits (two heads)~

These make excellent engagement, wedding, anniversary, Valentines day and birthday gifts for that special someone! Price- $45.00 + shipping.

The shipping is a flat rate of $6.oo. All portraits are open to your specifics and ideas in order to make them as personal as possible. Sizes may vary and prices may change due to content and labor, which will be negotiated.

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