Portrait Perfect

Made by hand. Made from home. Made with heart.

Contact Information

The best way to contact me to order a picture is through good ol’ fashioned e-mail. 

Mail your questions and/or detailed orders to Valerie B. Braun (wowieb@earthlink.net).  Picture may be attached in a file to the e-mail or if preferred sent through the mail (It will be returned with portrait).


Information that needs to be included in the e-mail...


  • Your name and the type of portrait you would like 

(as seen on the portrait specifics page) If you have

something different in mind than the examples shown on 

this website, feel free to describe your request. I will flexibly work with you to make this drawing as personal and special as possible.

  • The address the portrait will be sent to upon completion.
  • The deadline you need the drawing done by. (ie: My Wife’s birthday is June 25th, I’d like it by the 20th.)
  • Include any comments, concerns or questions.